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eBrandpoint Creative Adapter from Centigrade

Create engaging content for social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to promote your company quickly and easily. Creative Adapter is a cloud-based marketing resource management system providing templates to ensure your message is not only communicated clearly but formatted correctly. The result? Less time and effort, more consistency, control and oversight.

Whether for internal or external communication, Creative Adapter helps companies reach their target group in the most effective way. And in these tough economic times, doing so has never been more important!

…and experience how Creative Adapter can increase your campaign efficiency and help you reach a wider audience faster.

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Basic Pro Custom
Templates incl. 10 20 unlimited
No Watermark
Custom templates
Multipage items
Custom domain
Custom Branded interface
Approval worfkflow
Direct publishing to social platforms
Work in Teams / Groups
On-boarding & support
Print asset management
Stationery management
Print ordering



  • 10 Templates
  • Watermark


  • 20 Templates
  • No Watermark


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